COVID-19 Health Safety Awareness

COVID-19 Protective Measures for the Aviation Industry: a challenge that e-learning can help meet

We are all aware that air transport has been deeply affected by this pandemic.
Current questions for airline and airport management are:

> How are we going to prepare for the resumption of air transport operations?

> How are we going to protect our employees and our customers?

> How are we going to effectively protect our team?

AVICO Group in association with Butterfly Training its aviation e-learning specialist partner Ladybird Ground Services, its aircraft cleaning and cabin appearance partner, have created a COVID-19 Health & Safety Awareness e-learning training course which has been designed for the entire European aviation community (not just Management).

Using the collective experience of these 3 companies we have created this module – it is part of our approach to make it as easy as possible to resume operations (when permitted), with the safety of our passengers, and teams both on the ground and in the air being our paramount focus.


Training Program

COVID-19 Health Safety Awareness Online Training

  • Introduction
  • What is COVID-19?
  • How is COVID-19 spread?
  • Block the spread to protect us
  • “Generic” barrier measures
  • Social distancing measures at work
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Disinfection of premises
  • Disinfection of vehicles and track machines
  • Disinfection of aircraft
  • What to do in case of suspected infection?
  • Evaluation
  • Reminder

Available NOW – Price 1€ per user

100% donated to Aviation Sans Frontières to fight COVID-19 in Africa

In bulk staff registrations

For customers who already have a Butterfly Training account or who have just created one, and who wish to send us a list of employees to register in bulk to the training, please send your request to us using the form below.