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Aviation parts that do not meet applicable regulatory requirements enter the aviation system daily. Previously referred to as Bogus Parts, the Flight Safety Foundation provided an extensive report on the problem of bogus/suspected unapproved parts (SUPs); in 1994, the Suspected Unapproved Parts SUPS Training became required.

SUPs can range from parts that lack proper documentation to counterfeit parts. SUPs can be parts rejected during production because of defects; parts that lack required documentation; parts that have been improperly maintained; and parts from military aircraft that have not been shown to comply with FAA requirements. SUPs may also include items from a supplier who produces parts for an approved manufacturer and then ships them directly to end users without the approved manufacturer’s authorization; there is no guarantee that they meet all quality control requirements.

SUPs are also counterfeit parts deliberately misrepresented as designed and produced under an approved system or other acceptable methods. Counterfeit parts also may be used, or recycled approved parts that have reached a design life limit or have been damaged beyond repair but are deliberately misrepresented as acceptable.

While significant progress has been made to reduce the number of unapproved parts being introduced into the aviation system, it still requires constant vigilance and training to ensure that SUPs’ problems are addressed.

For many years the FAA provided SUPs training that air carriers, manufacturers, repair stations, and suppliers could attend. However, due to a variety of reasons, SUPs training, while still ongoing for the FAA, was discontinued for the industry.

As a result, JDA and Butterfly Training have developed a SUPs Online training course taught by our unmatched team of former FAA Flight Standards, Engineering, and Enforcement experts that worked on SUPs programs and provided SUPs training during their FAA careers.

The suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) course imparts extensive real-world experience, knowledge, and advice to course participants to enable them to recognize, manage and report SUPs problems more successfully.

The eLearning course is approved as an Inspection Authorization (IA) Course by The Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAAST).

Who is required to receive Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) training?

What online training do we offer?

Training available in English (contact us if you need training in another language).

The course meets FAA’s requirements of 14 CFR Part 65, § 65.93(a)(4).

FAA accepted Training Course Number C-IND-IM-170406-K-010-001 will expire March 31, 2025

Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) – FAA approved
Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) – FAA approved

The SUPs course imparts extensive real-world experience, knowledge and recommendations to course participants to enable them to more successfully recognize, manage, report and help remove Suspected Unapproved Parts from the global aviation system.

Duration: 10 hours

1. SUP Environment and History
2. Why should we be concerned about unapproved parts?
3. Cost and impact of installing SUPs
4. Parts Approval Processes Roles and Responsibilities
5. Receiving Inspections and how unapproved parts enter the system
6. Determining the status of parts and part substantiation
7. Determining airworthiness of parts Involved In accidents
8. Part Marking Requirements; new and used parts with updated materials
9. Fabrication of parts during maintenance
10. Military surplus parts and products
11. Civil and Legal Impact of producing, selling, certificating, or installing Unapproved Parts (Aircraft Safety Act of 2000)
12. What is being done to address SUPs problem?
13. Reporting a SUP and interfacing with the FAA
14. Setting up a SUP program and actions that you can take

Prerequisites: None

Target Group: Air Carriers, Air Operators, Manufacturers, Repair stations and Parts Suppliers

The course meets FAA’s requirements of 14 CFR Part 65, § 65.93(a)(4).

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Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPS) Awareness
Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPS) Awareness
– Be able to identify, describe and report any suspected unapproved parts (Bogus Parts).
– Become familiar with the Quality Assurance rules implemented to detect and deal with unapproved parts.

• General:
– Suspected unapproved parts
• Applicable regulation:
– European regulations
– American regulations
• A few examples
• What must be done?
– Reduce risks
– Participate in the detection of unapproved parts
– Comply with the procedures in force in case of doubt
– Report to the relevant Authorities
• Notions of critical parts

Target Group: Accountable Managers, technical managers, Continuing Airworthiness managers, certifying staff, technicians, log and support staff.

Validity: 2 years

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